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How To Do It Right

How To Do It Right

Daniel Martin regularly puts his body through hell. For days at a time he restricts fluid intake so severely that the resulting dehydration causes headaches, haziness and overwhelming fatigue. Having trained for weeks like an Olympian with high-intensity circuits, running and weightlifting, he then cuts out exercise for 48 hours and opens a bottle of […]

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Cheat Your Way Thin

Cheat Your Way Thin

Would you believe me if I told you that you can eat whatever you want, effectively cheat and still achieve the body of your dreams? I envisage a sceptical face and rightly so because that goes against everything you’ve ever heard right? Well science doesn’t lie and the truth is YOU CAN! This Sunday it […]

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A Basic Guide To Using Supplements

A Basic Guide To Using Supplements

When it comes to supplementation, many people believe that they are the answer to everything, yes if I take this I will grow or I’ll be ripped in a few weeks. One thing people neglect to understand is you need to have a structured diet and training program to follow. I always tell my clients […]

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From Fat To World Champion Powerlifter

From Fat To World Champion Powerlifter

My name is Danielle Hayes. Most of my life I was overweight. Now I am a World Powerlifting Champion. This is my story.           At the age of 16, 5’7, I was a large size UK 16, borderline 18, weighing in at 13 stone 7 pounds.   It was the summer […]

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