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CMB Personal Trainer Paul McLoughlin

CMB Personal Trainer Paul McLoughlin



Hi my name is Paul Mc loughlin, I am a 33 year old body Personal Trainer, Strength and Conditioning coach working in the Cover Model Body Gym here in Dublin and have been involved in health and fitness for the past 16 years.


Fitness and health is often described as a journey and as a fitness professional my journey has been very similar to many of the clients that I have had the pleasure of working with in the Cover Model Body Gym. The only real difference is that my journey is specific to me. Every individual’s journey is different and special to them and equally as important. There are many varying reasons as to why somebody may want to take an active interest in their health and wellbeing and invest in themselves yet we all encounter many of the same emotions and issues along our respective journeys, but one thing remains the same.



You have to be smart, dedicate yourself, work hard and never giving up is the only way to really achieve the physique you truly desire. It is not always easy to continue and keep going, there will be ups and downs and questioning of time, but you must persist and be patient. That persistence I believe, separates the amazing success stories with the failed endeavours you will never hear about.



At a young age I wasn’t always happy at what I saw when I looked in the mirror and it also did not fill me with confidence but training provided me with the discipline and self improvement I craved and helped improve my self confidence as I was becoming an adult. I spent many years learning and making mistakes before I decided to take my passion and interest for fitness to the next stage.



In 2006 I enrolled at the National Training Centre and obtained my NCEHS ( National Certification in Exercise and Health Studies ) level 4 personal trainer qualification and for the next couple of years I balanced a full time career with my passion for personal training and sport, remaining heavily involved with community groups and teams I ran a successfully community bootcamp and worked with local intermediate soccer clubs as a strength and development coach.



At the age of 33 I am now very proud of my physique but I have spent many years working to understand my body and realise what works for me and I have made many mistakes that I have learned from while always looking to improve and learn. It wasn’t until 2013 when I joined up with Darragh and at The Cover Model Body Gym that I really took my personal training passion to the highest level, continuing with my own personal development I underwent the 12 week cover model body program under Darragh’s supervision and guidance.



These 12 weeks were the toughest training weeks I had experienced in my entire fitness journey but further improved my knowledge and understanding of training systems and my own body, it wasn’t always easy but the program, Darragh and the rest of the CMB Coaches gave me the strength and encouragement I needed during this right of passage. After 15 years of training I reached my best level of Strength & Conditioning reducing my body fat from a respectable 14.8% to 4.8% while also packing on 3.5kg of hard earned muscle, I continue to train hard, stay focused and motivated and have set myself my next big challenge of competing in the (WBFF fill in the title here Darragh 🙂 ) next year in Las Vegas.



Paul went from 14.8% bodyfat to 4.8% in 12 weeks

Paul went from 14.8% bodyfat to 4.8% in 12 weeks



Now as an established member of the CMB Team I am privileged  to work closely with clients that share my passion for health, fitness and be a part of their fitness journey. I have a true desire and passion for helping others to change their lives. It drives me to want to improve as a personal trainer, a coach and as a person everyday.


Paul Mc Loughlin CPT NCEHS


Personal Trainer Dublin | Cover Model Body Strength & Conditioning Coach