Ashwin Amersi

Cover Model Body Coach Ashwin Amersi


Aswin Deadlifting 220kgs

CMB Coach Aswin Amersi Deadlifting 220kgs


My name is Ashwin Amersi.



I am a personal trainer, strength coach and athlete living in Dublin Ireland. I studied in the Institute of Technology Tralee, where I achieved a Bachelor’s Honours Science degree in Health and leisure with massage. Power lifting is my sport and with dedication, consistency and commitment I developed my strength and physique through my love of exercise physiology and nutrition.



I am Irish Drug Free Power lifting Champion. In February 2015 I won the National single Lifts, and in April 2015 I represented Ireland in the European power lifting Championships.


Ashwin at the IDFPA Champioships

Ashwin at the IDFPA Champioships


I will be representing Ireland again in the World championships in Italy later in 2015.
The majority of us started to lift weights because we wanted to fill out our T-shirts a bit more, or maybe so we could feel better about taking off our shirt at the beach, I wanted to literally build a protective sheet of muscle armour to protect myself from the wickedness and iniquity of the world.



From going the gym I found that lifting weights took on an unexpected meaning. It became a blend between therapy, spirituality and my life coach that has given me confidence to achieve bigger and better things. Had it not been for my intense desire to train and better myself from the day after my 18th birthday, it’s hard to say where I might have ended up, but it’s likely that I would not have gone to College to study sports science, and I would not be working in the health and fitness sector today.



I more or less saw the gym as the main cause and distraction from keeping me from dealing with the things I avoided, but what I was to learn that the gym was not an escape from things, but actually an entrance into the world of reality. It was the place where I could find inspiration and motivation, where I have had to deal with some of life’s biggest challenges, and where I have had made some really good connections. In the gym, I have forged powerful friendships, held therapy sessions, and made some outstanding breakthroughs toward achieving my goals.

To me, the gym is not just a place to train, but a place of symbolically higher ground where we bring our hopes, dreams, and aspirations. It is a place where we commit to gruelling personal discipline and I continue to challenge and improve myself.
Growing up I was very shy and insecure with how I looked. I had very little confidence in myself. When summer came around I was afraid to wear shorts and a t-shirt because I didn’t want people making fun of my skinny arms and legs.



I was socially unskilled, and lacked drive, confidence, and boldness. Weightlifting changed that. As I grew physically, so did my confidence, and so did my drive. It was as if I became an entirely different person. I now know that I pretty much can handle anything, and I pretty much believe I can do just about anything, if I set my mind to it.
Weightlifting allowed me to change the course of my career. When I left school I used to do Landscaping. I used to work from 6 in the morning to 6, 7 and sometimes 8pm. At the time I loved it, and plus the Money was very good, but I knew it was not for the rest of my life.



The day before my 18th birthday I joined the gym, and from that day on wards I found myself in the gym nearly every night to this day. That summer I found my calling, and I decided I wanted to make a career out of it. I made a bold decision to leave my job to go to college where I would go onto have the best years of my life. I have many special moments that I will forever cherish. If it wasn’t for the gym, I would probably not have the special memories I have today.



After graduating in 2012 I became a Personal Trainer, PE teacher & outdoor activity leader in Ballyfermot and Ballymun CDETB youth reach. Now I’m a coach working for Darragh Hayes in CMB Gym. I dedicate my efforts to coaching where my responsibilities include planning, organizing, and implementing strength and conditioning programs for various clients.



I have always had a passion for helping and guiding people to achieve their goals in order for them to live a stronger, better, healthier lifestyle.



Yours in Health and Fitness,


Ashwin Amersi CPT Bsc


Cover Model Body Strength & Conditioning Coach | Personal Trainer Dublin