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Mindset Matters Most

How much do you think? Do you have any idea how many thoughts you have in one day? And how many of those thoughts are POSITIVE! You probably have more negative than positive but we’ll explain here how to tap into your “higher self” and keep those thoughts positive. The average person has from 50,000 to […]

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How To Do It Right!

My name is Darragh Hayes, I am 33 years old and am professional Fitness Model, Qualified Personal Trainer , The CMB Gym Owner and physique transformation specialist here in Dublin, Ireland. I have worked for Calvin Klein, Tom Ford, Lucozade, U magazine, Fate Magazine, Men’s Fitness magazine etc. Many people think that achieving the lean […]

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The Honest Truth About Eggs

Here is the honest Truth About Eggs!   It’s been a couple of months since I arrived back from a five week trip to Asia and the lack of nutritional knowledge astounded me.     I thought we in the western world had a bad understanding of what’s good and what’s bad but nothing compared […]

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Metabolic Tyre Flips

Hey Guys,   If you’ve read some of my Personal Trainer blogs you’ll know how much I love HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) for burning FAT rather than boring drawn out cardio which in the end make you FATTER!   If you can get your hands on a heavy tractor tyre you can have some […]

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Just Ask!

I love my job as a Personal Trainer. I am forever telling people to just “Ask for help”.. Its great to see the health and fitness industry in Ireland growing. The public gyms are packed and people seem to be taking better care of themselves… Well they are trying…   You see, the odds are […]

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10 Simple Nutrition Tips for you

personal trainer80% of your Fatloss Battle is Nutrition! I have been a for over 10 years and I do tend to have to repeat myself a lot.   General everyday question are…   "When should I eat carbs?" "Is too much protein bad for you?" "How much protein do I need to take?" "what fruit […]