1:1 Personal Training in Dublin

1:1 Personal Training in Dublin

The training studio is private, fully equipped and perfect for personal training.


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1:1 Personal Training in Dublin




My 1-1 Personal Trainer service in Dublin City Centre is so much more than another personal trainer service! This is an opportunity to change your life!



So many people forever invest in a personal trainer who are not “in shape” themselves, I have always been determined to practice what I preach, my diet and training regimes are religious. I will steer you to your goals, and we will even better them! My demeanour towards my personal training client’s programs is the same attitude I have towards MY own training.


This WILL change your lifestyle and your outlook for the BETTER! You will be educated about your nutrition, training, hormonal profiling and lifestyle, which means you never have to guess again = PRICELESS.



You WILL NOT get ‘the general’ personal training service and hours of endless, boring  and needless cardio.



You WILL NOT be ’pressurised’ into buying anything. If you contact me and arrange an appointment I will tell you HONESTLY if you are a suitable candidate for my personal trainer service. I may give you sometime, even weeks to think about it and make sure you are in the correct frame of mind to start but remember that procrastination is the key to failure!



You WILL undergo a thorough assessment and we will set short, medium and long term targets thus eliminating any type of guesswork and ensuring that you have a perfect understanding of what you want to achieve and how you are going to go about achieving it.



You WILL have a RESULTS based personal training programme which will be uniquely made to suit your needs , Unlike many other personal training programmes yours will be based on the outcome of the goal setting and assessments.



You WILL be thinking differently, eating differently, living differently, feeling physically and mentally better and most of all looking great in a matter of weeks, or even days!



I will offer you a full 100% money back guarantee. This will be a contract with you offering you every penny back plus 10% more if your personal training expectations are not met. All you have to do is follow my plan for you to a “T”. Basically if you do what you are told you WILL succeed!



If my program doesn’t work, you will get 100% of your money back plus an extra 10% on top, with no questions asked! 😉



I know you’re asking Hmmm Why?



Why? Because I can. I know you will get to your goals while personal training in the CMB Gym and probably exceed them, provided you listen to what I tell you that is, and follow the principles I outline in the tailored made program that I construct for you.



So contact us via Email or make the call now. I will be happy to go through any of the above information further or if you have any other questions or queries please don’t hesitate to ask.



One To One Personal Training in Dublin

One To One Personal Training in Dublin



   1:1 Personal Training Package

1.  YOU WILL GET A thorough assesement and a Personalised/Tailored Training Program

2. YOU WILL GET Personalised Nutrition Support 24/7

3. YOU WILL GET Personalised Meal Plans

4. YOU WILL GET a  Personalised Shopping List 

5. YOU WILL GET the CMB Cookbook

6.  We WILL ALWAYS be just a Phone call, Text message or Email away!



Did I mention it’s in your own private personal gym?

Dublin Personal Training

CMB Personal Training Studio


The CMB Personal Training Studio

The CMB Personal Training Studio



Consultations, Assessments and Programming

Once we have had our initial consultation and you are a suitable client for the CMB Gym we will then go through a thorough consultation that will take around an hour. This will enable us to construct your uniquely designed program and nutritional protocol. Genericism does not work, everyone is different and needs to be treated as such.



You will receive a Full assessment that includes –


Skinfolds (bodyfat % ) and girth measurements.


-Movement screening. This will show us how you move mechanically, your mobility and flexibility.


-Nutrition assessment (assess your current and past eating habits ) We will also assess your current and or past training activity.


To book yourself in for a consultation with myself or one of my expert Personal Trainers please fill out the form below and we will be in touch within 48 hours to book you in!