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Ok so I haven’t put up a lot of before and after photos in a while, the reason being is a lot of work has been going on in the trenches helping people look sexy as hell. Well it’s what I do! I love making people sexy 🙂 Whether it’s people who want to know how to lose weight, gain muscle or do both simultaneously (which most personal trainers will say is impossible) well lets say I prove their “impossible” as Bulls#*t!



It's too easy to become a Personal Trainer these days.

It’s too easy to become a Personal Trainer these days.




I spent a little while putting this video together for you guys to showcase some of what I do for peoples aesthetics in a damn short period of time. I can’t really showcase what else I do for people in this video but all of my wonderful clients know!



This is damn cool shit if I do say so myself. My 7 Weeks to a Cover Model Body Personal Training Program has been engineered by myself, with over 16 years knowledge of training and manipulating nutrition to attain the best possible results in the shortest time possible.. but this doesn’t come without some blood, sweat and tears.



Yes it’s a 7 week training program with one down week to make it eight in total so you can imagine the hard work that is involved in and out of the gym but most certainly worth it if the results are anything to go by. You will effectively train the way I do! All of your questions are answered and you will get out what you put in!



You can only achieve your dreams if you put the work in!

You can only achieve your dreams if you put the work in!



All of the clients in this video worked their asses off during my “7 Weeks to a Cover Model Body” personal training program and the results speak for themselves! Before coming into the gym to meet me some of these guys had experience within a gym environment and some had none.



Martin had been training most of his life and thought he was in “Good Shape” at nearly 17% bodyfat but like so many people out there he just couldn’t achieve the kind of results that the amount of time he spent training warranted. I assured him that would all change very rapidly!



I kept my word.



In only eight weeks with me he achieved 9.8% Bodyfat and gained a whopping 8Lbs of lean muscle. To say he was delighted was an understatement! Four months on and Martin is still training with me. He decided he wanted to go all out muscle gain and went from 82kgs at 9.8% bodyfat to 92kgs at 12% bf which in anyone’s opinion is another fantastic achievement! This is attributed to Martin’s 100% dedication, drive and willingness to learn, achieve and succeed. He is a credit to me.



I think thats an awesome compromise on the bodyfat for another 8.5kgs of lean muscle, don’t you?



**Note: the before photo on the left was Martin after my “7 Weeks To A Cover Model Body Personal Training Program**

Martin Cooke CMB Muscle Gain

Martin Cooke after the CMB Muscle Gain Program



I remember when John walked into my office. He had just arrived home from a holiday after 4 weeks of debauchery on his body and stated “I want to get into the best shape of my life” and “I want to train with the best personal trainer, that’s why I have come to you”. Well, as flattered as I was receiving such a compliment I promised him he would get to 10% bodyfat or less from a starting point of 18.9% BF and gain 7 or 8LBS of muscle give or take, by the time he finished with me.



He was slightly taken back that I was so confident in promising what seemed to be an outlandish claim. Again I kept to my word. I never make promises I can’t keep, I’m not in the game of “selling” or “bullshitting” people.



I demand RESULTS from myself and am not happy with anything less from my clients!



In fairness John trained damn hard and most importantly he listened to me and did what I asked of him, well most of the time 🙂 He reaped the rewards as you can see for yourself dropping to 9.8% bodyfat (as promised) and gaining over 8Lbs of  lean muscle. I had to gloat a little and say I told you so!


I told you so!


On to Ismail. I remember getting a call, I think it was around November 2012, from this foreign fella saying “I want a Cover Model Body like you” “and I will be in to see you straight after Christmas” “I want to know how to get a six pack“. True to his word, although I think it was late January, he was sitting in my office explaining to me how unhappy he felt about his appearance and his health, he wanted to change his life. Music to my ears 🙂



His lifestyle mainly consisted of partying, drinking, eating takeaways and fast food regularly. A typical “Irish” lifestyle! He was just over 22% bodyfat so initially I put him on a fatloss/conditioning program with a strength day until he got a little stronger and was able to utilise his own bodyweight. He struggled with the warm up on day one as most do but with the correct programming and nutrition that didn’t last long! You have no business going near free weights unless you can use your own bodyweight effectively.


I love challenges!


Challenge yourself to be a better you!

Challenge yourself to be a better you!





I promised Ismail he would see 10% BF but it may take a little longer than seven weeks so he’s actually been training with me for around 4 months now and doesn’t plan on stopping. When he seen the potential he had, getting leaner and stronger, his goals slightly changed. He decided he wanted to pack on a bit more muscle so I tweaked his training program accordingly.



He’s a very determined guy and the results he has achieved have been outstanding. He had a serious amount of weight to lose and had never been in a gym before so he was starting from scratch.



Again true to my word Ismail has lost 12% bodyfat and gained nearly 9Lbs of muscle. Not only that his strength has gone through the roof, from struggling with his own bodyweight to benching the 37.5kg dumbells! This is why I do what I do, I love being a personal trainer, I love helping people to see and meet their undiscovered potential! Now he absolutely loves training, he’s hooked, I guess I am like a drug haha 🙂



Let the Gym become your new addiction :-)

The Rock is shit cool and he’s addicted. Let the Gym become your new addiction 🙂


Last but certainly not least we come to Derek. Ah Derek. I remember our first meeting very well. The poor guy looked petrified walking in. I knew immediately from his demeanour and conversation he was very insecure. Believe it or not, I may look like I should have an ego the size of a landfill but I am also quite insecure so I could empathize with him.



I told him that this wasn’t X factor and I’m not anything like Simon Cowell so he had no need to worry. I told him to relax, “be yourself and tell me a bit about you”. He started to open up and explain to me how always being the “skinny guy” had plagued him, even going back as far as being a young teenager.  He had also trained with numerous Personal Trainers in Dublin and got nutritional advice in numerous gyms in Dublin but never achieved the kind of results that he hoped for. He told me I was his last hope. Lucky for him, this time he chose the right Personal Trainer for the job!



I assured him he would be delighted with the kind of results he would achieve training with me and he would be a much more assured and confident guy at the end of it all. He was extremely sceptical which I fully expected.



In his mind he was asking well “how can he be so sure?” “I have been to so many other Personal Trainers in Dublin and I haven’t gotten what I wanted from it”. “What can he do so differently that the others couldn’t?”



I just told him to be patient and see the results for himself. “I don’t do miracles but I will change your life in more ways than one”.



Derek is now a good friend of mine and he’s never been happier in mind and body. The gym and this experience has changed his life which he states in the video below. From what he told me he had never been able to increase his weight naturally and stayed stagnant at 70kgs. 12 weeks on my CMB muscle gain program he was still as lean and gained 7kgs of muscle. Have a listen below, he will tell you for himself.



So…… what do you think?



Everyone one of these guys are a credit to themselves and myself for heart on the sleeve, determined attitude. They trained hard with me in the gym and listened to what I told them to do outside of the gym, well most of the time! 🙂 I’ll let them away with it, they are only human I guess haha.



The moral of the story is..



Stop procrastinating and JUST DO IT!

Stop procrastinating and JUST DO IT!



Its amazing what can be achieved in such a short period of time with the right knowledge and nutritional direction. Not many believe you can lose weight and build muscle at the same time but I can prove them all wrong!



Check out this video to see for yourself!


Cover Model Body Personal Training with Personal Trainer Dublin Darragh Hayes


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