Barbell High Pulls

As a personal trainer I always get asked how can I burn fat and build muscle? 


One of my favourite exercises we use in the personal training studio in Dublin is the barbell high pull 🙂

 I use this as part of a muscle building, metabolic fat burning workout.. 🙂


When I was in the training studio the other day at the end of my vertical push pull session. I had done barbell push presses with weighted chins, single hand military presses with single hand pull downs(killer :-)) will post a video on this soon!


This always gets my personal training clients hearts pumping and will get your body into prime fat burning mode at the end of your session.


You need to use explosive power for this exercise and therefore increasing your metabolic rate.


As you can see in the video although 90 kilos including the bar technique is ultimately important.


Arch your back, pop your bum out keeping your head and chest up.


Use explosive power to pull the bar up your body to chest level keeping you arms and elbows higher than the bar.


You will feel this in the shoulders, traps and rear delts 🙂 you will also use your abs in this exercise so it’s an all round fantastic exercise 😉


I paired this up with lateral raises and a core ab exercise like mountain climbs as an active rest for fat burning.
Make sure your technique is correct as you won’t get optimum benefit from the exercise and may end up hurting your lower back so keep it arched and keep your bum out 😉


Reps x 10
sets x 4

Darrgah Hayes / Cover Model Body Training

The ABS Gym Personal Training Studio Dublin


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