How to choose your Personal Trainer



Ok so you have decided to lose some weight, gain some muscle or maybe both lose weight and gain some muscle or just to feel all round healthier.



Either way whatever your goals are, employing a PERSONAL TRAINER is most definitely a step onto the right track to a better and much healthier lifestyle!



There are many Personal Trainers out there but finding the right one can be confusing and sometimes intimidating. This I can totally understand as you are just about to take the leap of faith and put your trust in a personal trainer who you hope will teach you how to achieve your goals!



He who knows his stuff, in my opinion should be his own main marketing tool, he SHOULD practice what he preaches and he SHOULD look the part as well as knowing what he is talking about.. Don’t you think??



I know if I were to look for a Personal Trainer I would want the one who definitely knows Nutrition inside out and has an excellent knowledge of anatomy but  again in my opinion he should prove he knows what he is talking about by looking the part! 😉



I know I definitely practice what I preach and wouldn’t be a trainer if I didn’t. I wouldn’t feel comfortable standing there teaching my clients how to when their personal trainer needs to be where they are! 😉



Of course any trainer needs a basic qualification but above all experience is the key. They need to be in the field getting dirty and working along side other Personal Trainers with as much experience using a proven system that ascertains results.



Is your Personal Trainer Guessing? If so you might want to find a new one!


He needs to coach and educate you towards your goals


He should be able to educate you on strength, muscle gain and fat loss and should be capable of answering your questions.


The Personal Trainer should be able to assess your progression and give you an understanding of what you need to do to achieve your goals.


He needs to give you a reason to show up to the gym two or three times a week and you should feel good about your training.


He also needs to provide you with accountability for your training! 😉





What is a Personal Training session like with me? 


Your session will last an hour.


Our first meeting will go through assesements, measurements, your goals, your training history and nutrition.


Your first session will be an instructional session going through a specialised warm up for 10 minutes and then we will go through technique of your training plan that will be specifically tailored to you meeting your goals!


Friendship with your Personal Trainer is quite important I feel as you have to work closely with this personal trainer and ultimately you have to trust him/her and feel comfortable asking questions.


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