Products and Nutrition I recommend to my Clients..



This shopping list is generally the foods I eat and recommend to my clients in the ABS gym..


If you buy it you will eat it! Remember that the next time you are in Tesco or Aldi doing your weekly shop! 😉



L-Men Platinum was my preferred product when competing in Asia


I used L-Men High Protein 2Go when I was on my travels in Indonesia 🙂





Here are really good products which I take regularly. The “ANIMAL” products Pak (Vitamins) and Stak ( The NATURAL anabolic hormone stack with Cortisol Inhibitor, Natural Plant Tribulus and DHT Blockers. Great for strenght and putting on Lean muscle 😉 

**Make sure to stagger the stak if you are taking it. Do a 3 week cycle with a week or two off at the end of the 3 week cycle**