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The Honest Truth About Eggs

Here is the honest Truth About Eggs!   It’s been a couple of months since I arrived back from a five week trip to Asia and the lack of nutritional knowledge astounded me.     I thought we in the western world had a bad understanding of what’s good and what’s bad but nothing compared […]

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10 Simple Nutrition Tips for you

personal trainer80% of your Fatloss Battle is Nutrition! I have been a for over 10 years and I do tend to have to repeat myself a lot.   General everyday question are…   "When should I eat carbs?" "Is too much protein bad for you?" "How much protein do I need to take?" "what fruit […]

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The Power of Genetics

I was working (modelling,not so much work as fun 🙂 ) on saturday and got talking to one of the lads I was modelling with about training and nutrition. It was quite obvious within two minutes of talking to him he hadn’t got any real clue about training or nutrition.

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How to choose your Personal Trainer

    Ok so you have decided to lose some weight, gain some muscle or maybe both lose weight and gain some muscle or just to feel all round healthier.     Either way whatever your goals are, employing a PERSONAL TRAINER is most definitely a step onto the right track to a better and […]

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Six Pack ABS Home Workout

Hey guys,   If you know me you know how much I LOVE  educating myself, I love learning, love reading and I love creating new workouts so nobody has an excuse not to train whether at home or on holiday 🙂   As a personal trainer for over twelve years now I have spent thousands […]

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Barbell High Pulls

As a personal trainer I always get asked how can I burn fat and build muscle?    One of my favourite exercises we use in the personal training studio in Dublin is the barbell high pull 🙂  I use this as part of a muscle building, metabolic fat burning workout.. 🙂   When I was […]