Client – Maurice Kiernan

Maurice before and after


Client – Emmet Bannon

Emmet transformed his physique, his lifestyle and his mindset training in the CMB Gym. He more than halved his bodyfat from 15% to 7% in seven weeks on the CMB Program and gained 7lbs of muscle. Emmet was thrilled with his results and in his own words was the best investment he had ever made.


personal trainer Dublin 15

Emmet Bannon before and after.






Client – Mark Carmody

Mark is your model client. As I’ve often said to him, if carlsberg did clients. He never misses a session and puts 100% effort and dedication into his training and follows what he’s told. Mark achieved more in six months in the CMB Gym than he’d ever achieved previously. He dropped 8% bodyfat while gaining 8lbs of muscle in the process. His main lifts went up by 70%. on his last test day he benched 120kg @6 Squatted 170kg @5 and deadlifted 200kg @1. Amazing work by a great guy and wonderful client.


Well done Mark!

Mark Carmody 12 week transformation

Mark Carmody 12 week transformation

Mark Carmody Back Transformation

Mark Carmody Back Transformation

Written Testimonial from Mark Carmody

Written Testimonial from Mark Carmody





Client – Claire Crowley

Claire initially signed up in the CMB Gym for our group personal training program but decided she wanted more personal attention so then signed up to be coached one to one with CMB Coach Danielle. Claire had her wedding day to prepare for and wanted to be in the best shape of her life. She didn’t disappoint herself or us as her results speak for themselves. Claire learned not only how to train properly but learned how to manage her nutrition and lifestyle to maintain and sustain the results she achieved here in the CMB Gym. Claire still trains with us 9 months later. She may be here for life 🙂

Well done Claire.

Claire 3 Month Transformation

Claire 3 Month Transformation





Client – Alan Geraghty

Alan came into the CMB Gym to change his body and as you can see he did but more importantly he wanted to change his mindset and his lifestyle. He grew sick of being overweight, tired and lacking motivation to train which in turn was having a negative impact on the rest of his life. We changed his whole lifestyle around, nurtured and guided him. After our initial consultation and then assessment I constructed his unique training program, nutritional protocol and lifestyle program. Within weeks Alan was progressing massively, staying accountable and very importantly, he was consistent! All of his major lifts, Squat, Bench and Deadlift improved massively, he was packing on muscle and getting lean all at the same time. Al dropped 8% BF and gained 9Lbs of lean muscle in 12 weeks in the CMB Gym.

Well done Al!

Alan Geraghty 8 Week Transformation

Alan Geraghty 8 Week Transformation






Client –  Sean O’Grady

This is a truly inspirational story for any of your typical “hard gainers” out there who are currently on the “merry go round” of Little to No Results for a whole lot of hard work in the gym and a lot of your time which for me is much more important as you can never get that time back. I know of guys spending five or even six days per week in the gym doing shit they see on you tube or in a men’s health magazine. This might go on for a year two before they realise, hold on, I need expert help. That shit will NEVER work! It’s generally monkey see monkey do, spend days in the gym, achieve no results, get fed up, then comes demotivation because of the lack of results, then you give up only to jump on that merry go round sometime in the future. What is Einstein’s definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over but expecting a different result. If it ain’t working I think that is a sure sign you need to do something a little different!

As you can see for yourself in the image below Sean decided enough was an enough and pursued the route of getting an expert to help guide him to achieve the success he craved. Sean was your typical “skinny” young lad who tried everything to put on weight but failed miserably until he came into the CMB Gym for a consultation. I assured him he would see results like he never seen before if he listened and put in the hard but thoroughly enjoyable work required. Sean achieved massive success. We reconstructed his nutrition and programming, he trained 3 days per week and achieved phenomenal results unlike he had ever seen before. Within 6 months Sean had packed on 24kgs / 52.8LBS of lean muscle without putting on any body fat! He stayed accountable, turned up for every training session and did exactly what he was told.

The unbelievable results speak for themselves!

Well done Sean.


Sean O'Grady 6 Month Transformation

Sean O’Grady 6 Month Transformation

Sean O'Grady Written Testimonial

Sean O’Grady Written Testimonial





Client – Val Cameron

Val had never stepped foot in a gym before starting with us in the CMB Gym. I remember Val in our initial consultation. The gym or training had never been anything that he had ever really thought about prior to this point in his life and he didn’t really know what to expect from it. He told me “I’m fed up with my current lifestyle and it’s time to change. I want to be healthy”. I told him this was nothing like your typical run of the mill gym, this is specialised personal training and everything including your nutrition is tailored to your specific needs and the goals we set for you.

He had no expectations in terms of changing his physique but I was confident enough to tell Val as I am with every client starting in The CMB Gym that he would be in the best shape of his life, once he put the work in, turned up three times per week to train and stayed accountable with his nutrition. Val initially signed up for 3 months and then a further 3 months but these shots below are only 8 weeks into his training. As you can see he dropped from 15% bodyfat to 6.8% BF and gained 9LBS of lean muscle. Val got ripped! In his words, “I can’t believe you guys got me into this shape, I’m ripped” although he felt he was a little too ripped for his liking 🙂


Well done Val!


Val Cameron Transformation

Val Cameron Transformation

Val Cameron Before and After

Val Cameron Before and After

Val Cameron written Testimonial

Val Cameron written Testimonial





Client – Fr. Tony Conlon

Meet Fr. Tony! Yes he’s a priest and he’s 52 years old 🙂 and one the coolest guys you are ever likely to meet! This man is inspirational in his determination and dedication to change his life. I remember the day he sat in front of me for his initial consultation when I explained the journey ahead of him, the desire and dedication required which he was only willing to embark on.


Everyone who sits in front of me has a reason for being there be it they don’t like what they see in the mirror, no confidence, no self esteem, depression, maybe you just want to look better naked, get stronger, get ripped. Whatever the reason, there is a reason. Don’t lose that reason, set out your goals, achieve them and exceed them just like Fr. Tony did. He really wasn’t sure he could do it but I assured him if he put his heart and soul into this he could effectively change his whole life. He did it! Fr. T slashed his bodyfat and got stronger week by week dropping over 14% bodyfat in 3 months working with his CMB Coach Paul McLoughlin. Fr. T now lives and breathes the gym and he’s now working on packing on some size.


Fr.Tony 3 month before and after


Fr. Toy 3 month back before and after


Fr. Tony side before and after

Fr. Tony Conlan Testimonial

Fr. Tony Conlan Testimonial





Client – Natalie Patton

Before signing up for her initial three months in the CMB Gym Natalie had absolutely no experience lifting. In a matter of a couple of weeks she was squatting, deadlifting and benching, increasing her strength and churning through bodyfat.

Natalie dropped over 9% bodyfat, increased lean muscle tissue by 5lbs. Natalie is being trained by my coach Danielle and is now into her fourth month of six months training. Like many before her Natalie told me this was the best investment she has ever made in herself and will never revert back to her old unhealthy lifestyle. She is a credit to herself, Danielle and the CMB Gym.

Natalie Patton 3 month before and after

Natalie Patton 3 month before and after





Client – Mark Walsh

Like so many before him Mark had been training for 4 years prior to coming into the CMB Gym for a consultation with myself. When a situation like this occurs I usually refer to Einstein for some wisdom. His quote is his own definition of insanity “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”. I too think this is insane but so many continue to do it.

Mark explained to me how skeptical he was about the whole personal training industry, with personal trainers offering the sun moon and stars but lack the required knowledge and are not passionate about helping others. It was after Mark had seen the work I had done with a good friend of his that he made the decision to invest in himself, his body and mind and me! As you can read in his written testimonial below this was the best investment Mark had ever made in himself and achieved fantastic results but also continues to maintain and sustain what he learned in the CMB Gym with my guidance.

At the end of 16 weeks Mark had dropped over 10% Bodyfat and gained 11 LBS of lean muscle.

Well done Mark!

Mark Walsh 16 Week Transformation

Mark Walsh 16 Week Transformation

Mark Walsh Written Testimonial

Mark Walsh Written Testimonial





Client – Brendan O’Reilly

Brendan arrived into the CMB Gym wanting to not only change his body but his whole life and that is exactly what he did! This is Brendan’s journey in his own words.


Brendan O'Reilly 3 month before & after

Brendan O’Reilly 3 month before & after



For the last 6 years of my life I had let my body and weight get out of hand so much so that I weighed about 16 stone and was a size 38 in jeans. I woke up one morning and was disgusted at what I saw in the mirror that’s when I decided something had to be done. I decided to Google personal trainers, as I knew I would need help as my it had been so long since I had been in a gym and my relationship with food and eating was terrible.


After a short search on Google, I found a Personal Trainer called Darragh Hayes. After reading a lot of testimonials I decided to inquire about personal training with Darragh. I didn’t know what to expect before meeting with Darragh and from the get go I found his attitude towards me to be utmost professional and highly motivating. Thanks, Darragh!


Having pointed out to Darragh my goals and what I wanted to achieve he assessed my body fat and movement. He then developed both a nutrition plan and training program tailored to my specific needs which we would implement together. I appreciated the honesty Darragh gave me when I asked how long it would take to reach my goals. He stated that everybody is genetically different so we would be very realistic with our goals and time frames in reaching these goals. I had my head set on realistic goals now which helped hugely.


When I first began my training I had been worried about the nutritional side of my program but I really had nothing to worry about. I was given a full list and breakdown of foods and ingredients I was allowed with a huge amount of recipes to cook. I also had Darragh watching me like a hawk, which helped. (That better be a black coffee bren) and I am immensely grateful for it now.


Each week in training I could feel myself getting gradually stronger on each exercise and improving my technique. I was feeling great inside and outside the gym. After the First month, I was surprised to see such great changes, which hadn’t noticed until looking at a picture from a month before. I had lost body fat and gained muscle at the same time and was delighted.


By the time 3 months had passed I had lost 7% body fat, gained a considerable amount of muscle and had dropped from a size 36 jeans to a size 32. Since training with Darragh in the CMB Gym my outlook on nutrition and fitness will never be the same.


“I can see healthy eating and weight training always being a part of my life from here on in”



Bren has maintained his lifestyle

Bren has maintained his lifestyle and trains 4x per week


Thanks again for everything Darragh.


Best regards,







Client – Simon Power

Simon is a Personal Trainer himself but had never been able to build the kind of muscle he had always dreamed of. He effectively wanted to get into “Cover Model” shape and that is exactly what we achieved in just over three months of training. Simon did everything which was asked of him from his nutrition down to training in the CMB gym. We started with a block of strength and muscle building, eventually working into the CMB Program ” 7 Weeks To A Cover Model Body”.

Simon achieved this through perseverance, determination, blood sweat and tears. There is no other way. Training in the CMB Gym was the best thing he has ever done. He can now maintain this physique through the education he attained training with us in The CMB Gym.

Simon Power 3 Month Transformation

Simon Power 3 Month Transformation

Simon Power Testimonial

Simon Power Testimonial





Client – Ismail Camlidag

When Ismail came in for his initial consultation he wasn’t in a good place with how he looked. I remember he came in just before the Christmas holidays and told me he wanted to sign up for 4 months personal training starting in January. Like everyone I guess he thought, ah sure I’m going to make a mess of myself over the holidays so why bother starting now. I reassured him that it would be the worst thing he could do so he took my advice and we got cracking before Christmas. We worked damn hard over the next four months and he got out what he put in! He nailed it, did everything I told him and he got into the best condition he has ever been in dropping over 14% bodyfat from 22% to 8% four months later while getting super strong in the progress gaining over 12lbs of lean muscle mass. Ismail was deadlifting 180kgs for 5 reps, his bench went from 90kgs to 120 for a 3RM and was doing 30kgs dips for 8 reps. Well done Ismail!

Ismail 3 Month Before & After

Ismail 4 Month Before & After

Ismail 3 month before and after side profile

Ismail 4 month before and after side profile





Client – Paul McLoughlin

Paul McLoughlin started with me as an intern personal trainer here in CMB over a year ago. I know Paul as a friend over 9 years and he’s always been in “ok” shape but again never reached that next level of awesomeness and got “stage ready”. So as part of his internship I told he would have to get into the best physical condition he has ever been in. i took Paul under my wing and trained him personally for 12 weeks. Paul was shocked with what he achieved in such a short period of time on my “CMB Program”. I told him I would have him stage ready in 12 weeks and I kept to my word!

He was now leaner and stronger than he’d ever been in his training life which spanned over 12 years. He dropped 10% bodyfat and gained 5kgs of lean muscle over the course of the 12 weeks. Another amazing result!


Paul is now one of my Personal Trainers here in the CMB Gym.


Paul went from 14.8% BF to 4.8% in 12 weeks

Paul went from 14.8% BF to 4.8% in 12 weeks

Paul back shot after 12 weeks.

Paul back shot after 12 weeks.





Client – Nicola Meaney

Nicola began her journey very unsure and skeptical of the results she could achieve in such a short time. She had never stepped foot in a gym before and as you can imagine found it a little daunting at the prospect. I think she may have thought it would be like a commercial gym environment but it’s nothing like that. Nicola quickly realised this and was immediately relaxed and loved the family atmosphere we have here in the CMB Gym.


Mark was scheduled as Nicola’s Personal trainer and she is a credit to his and her hard work! Nicola lost over 14kgs while getting stronger and dropped a whopping 12% bodyfat in the process. Nicola now has a completely new lease of life and her self esteem has risen immensely due to her new lifestyle and new body. She has never felt or looked as good!



Nicola Dropped over 12% bodyfat and lost over 14kgs

Nicola Dropped over 12% bodyfat and lost over 14kgs

Nicola Meaney Review





Client – Danielle Hayes

If you didn’t already know Danielle is my younger sister. She has a very fascinating and intriguing story which led her from a state of obesity with the potential of acquiring the likes of type 2 diabetes and heart disease to becoming a National, European & World Champion Powerlifter breaking world and national records for her weight categories.

Siblings can be hard work at the best of times so I had a serious battle on my hands, a battle I gladly accepted. I coached Danielle not only in the Gym but how to build a maintainable lifestyle which led her to losing an untold amount of bodyfat and then to the platform where she conquered and won national, european and world titles. We also ended up being invited on the Late Late Show to tell her story which was also pretty amazing for her! Danielle is now a personal trainer in the CMB Gym.


If  you would like to read a little more on Danielle’s story click here –>> About Danielle


Danielle lost over 80lbs and became a World Champion Athlete

Danielle lost over 80lbs and became a World Champion Athlete

On the Late Late Show

On the Late Late Show





Client – Alan Daly

Alan Daly Started in “decent” shape but still couldn’t take it to that next level. He said to me in our initial consultation “I want to see my abs and build some muscle, I’ve been training for two years and cannot put weight on”


I told him like I tell everyone else, you WILL achieve your goals, if not surpass them once you follow our guidance. I kept my promise and so did he 🙂


Alan got ripped in 12 weeks!

Alan got ripped in 12 weeks!





Client – Luke Martin Thomas

Luke is now a client 3 years and has become a good friend in the process. He was referred to me by a friend and has not looked back. He has surpassed many milestones on his journey and will tell you that signing up for his initial 12 weeks of personal training in the CMB Gym was undoubtedly the best investment he has ever made in himself.

He put his head down, worked hard, did what he was asked to in regards to his nutrition and he reaped his rewards. Luke got RIPPED!


Luke Dropped 10.2% BF in 12 weeks

Luke Dropped 7.5% BF in only 7 weeks

Luke side profile

Luke side profile





I put this video collage together of a few clients who again rocked it and got awesome results because again they invested in themselves, put the hard work in and did what they were told!

If you want to read more about their journeys click here –>> CMB Personal Training Programs





Client – Sean Donnelly

Sean Donnelly’s two week progress photo, yes I’ve only been his Personal Trainer for two weeks and check out his progress –>

Check his six week transformation in a few weeks 🙂


Sean’s two week progress pic


Sean Donnelly Text


Here is Sean’s Final 6 week Transformation. He achieved phenominal success with me dropping 5.5% Bodyfat and gaining 7lbs of lean muscle.

Sean Donnelly 6 week Cover Model Body

Sean 6 week side shot


Facebook Comments on Sean’s Success

Testimonial from Seaney





Client – Brian Kinsella

Here’s a written testimonial from my client Brian Kinsella who I’ve been Personal Training for two months but is still too shy to do an after picture for me yet haha.. I’ll get him eventually 😉

Brian Kinsella written testimonial





Client – Jane Downes

Jane has lost over 3 stone and 7% bodyfat in 3 months on my Personal Training and nutrition program –>

Jane lost 3 stone and 7% bodyfat





Client – Matthew Ennis

Matthew Ennis has struggled for years to put on any kind of weight and after 4 years of training by himself and with other trainers failed to ever gain any type of muscle.

With my “Cover Model Body Personal Training” system Matthew gained a very impressive 4kgs in his first 4 weeks of training.

Check out his progress in 4 weeks –>


Matthew Ennis Testimonial


Matthew gained 4kgs of muscle in 4 weeks


Matt gained 4gs in 4 weeks with CMB Personal Training


Matthew Ennis Facebook Comments

Matthew Ennis Facebook comments

Matthew’s 8 week transformation on my Cover Model Body Muscle Gain Program. He gained nearly 7.5lbs of muscle and lost in total just over 2% bodyfat 🙂

Matthew Ennis 8week 7kgMu scle Gain Tranformation


Matthew 8 weeks Transformation FB comments





Client – Myself 🙂

I guess who better to use as a testimonial as myself. Below are pics of myself after 5 months of no training and completely unhealthy eating after my father passed very unexpectedly away last September.

I decided enough was enough and started a new personal training program of my own making. The result to the right is three weeks after I started my program and I am not finished yet…..

I gained 5% bodyfat in the pic on the far left and went up to 10% but lost 8kilos of muscle in the process. Three weeks later I’ve gained 5kilos and dropped 4% bodyfat 🙂




From 78kg to 96kg's at 5.8%BF

From 78kg to 96 kg’s at 5.8%BF





Client – Dave Byrne

Dave Byrne is 55 years old. He lost over two stone and gained 7lbs of muscle in two months of personal training with Cover Model Body Personal Training Check out his training progress –>

Dave Byrne Lost 2 stone in 2 months and gained 7lbs of muscle at the same time


Facebook Comments


Dave’s latest transformation. He is in his third month Personal Training with me and has dropped from 25% bodyfat to 12% 🙂


Dave Byrne 3 month transformation

Dave Byrne Month 2 & 3 Transformation





Client – Damien McEvoy

Damien McEvoy has lost over 8kgs in only 4 weeks of training with me He has also written a blog about his first months training with me and the positive effects it has had on his life. It’s well worth a read — > Damien’s Training Blog Check out his progress below –>

Damien McEvoy Testimonial


Damiens Transformation


Facebook Comments



Damien McEvoy Transformation Faceook Comments

Damiens Take 🙂




Damien has now trained with me for 12 weeks and has lost an astounding 15kgs and 10% bodyfat from 21.7% down to 11.8%


Damien’s 3 month transformation Losing 15kgs & 10% bodyfat Gaining 7lbs of muscle


Damien’s 3 month Transformation


Damien’s Facebook Comments


Damien McEvoy Facebook Comments


Damien Text Testimonial




Client – Paul Fitzsimons


Paul Lost over 7kgs in 4 weeks! Click on the image below to read the testimonial –>


Client – Gary Moore

Gary put on a whopping 7kg’s of muscle in 3 months!.. He had been trying on his own for 2 years prior to training with me and was getting nowhere.


Personal Trainer : Darragh Hayes

Weight: Start Date 11.3 Stone (72kg)

End Date 12.4 Stone (79.7kg)


Goals: Increase muscle mass and gain strength


Two years working extremely hard in an everyday gym, I got nowhere. A short spell with Darragh Hayes at Cover Model Body Personal Training , effectively, I made incredible gains in size, strength and knowledge.   Before I came into Darragh, I spent 2 years working hard in my normal gym. I killed myself working out nearly everyday using the programme I was given in the gym assessments. I GOT NOWHERE!


My technique was wrong, my programme was wrong, the way I trained was wrong.


Within a very short time period I start seeing results from training with Darragh. He trained me in the most effective ways to meet my goals. The training was tough but enjoyable. I wasn’t killing myself like before; I was enjoying training and was seeing better results every week. In total I gained 7.7kgs of muscle and lost body fat.


Darragh thought me the importance of nutrition. He gave me the CMB shopping list and meal planner to structure my diet. This well laid out plan made it easier to set out and stick to my meals for the day. The shopping list gives simple guidelines on what to it so I was never guessing. Darragh gave me helpful tips and ideas every week to improve my diet all the more.


Throughout training, Darragh and the other Personal Trainers in the gym were very approachable. They encouraged and drove me forward everyday. I look forward to training with Darragh again and would recommend everyone, regardless of training experience, to go see him. My only regret is that I didn’t go two years ago when I started.


Changes: I was always described as being skinny but held bodyfat in the usual places. Since training with Darragh people have really noticed the change and have commented positively on the size I’ve put on and how well I fill my t-shirts. I’m no longer known as skinny and the guys are looking for me to show them how Darragh trained me.


The added size and strength have really helped me in football and I’ve nailed down my position in centre midfield. I now have the strength to hold people off the ball who used to muscle me off it. I stride with power and purpose; and 50/50’s are now more in my favour.

Gary Moore Facebook Comments


Gary put on 8kgs and got RIPPED in three months




Client – Paul Ryan

Paul Ryan Dropped 10kgs in 4 weeks.







Conor Byrne never felt it in his legs before and had serious shoulder pain when benching before he came into me..

Have a read of his text below, this was after his second session with me