Six Pack ABS Home Workout

Hey guys,


If you know me you know how much I LOVE  educating myself, I love learning, love reading and I love creating new workouts so nobody has an excuse not to train whether at home or on holiday 🙂


As a personal trainer for over twelve years now I have spent thousands of €€€ educating and learning new ways, techniques, routines etc.. so the more I learn and the more knowledge I gain, the more people I can help!


Anyway enough of me…


Here is a great home or holiday workout for the abs..


These exercises are great for core stabilisation and can easily be done at home. All you need is a slippery enough surface and two tea towels or pillow cases and away you go 🙂


These exercises can also be used in the gym as supplement exercises or as an “active rest” on lifting days 😉   Great for that extra bit of conditioning if you are wanting to lean up and the best thing about it, as I previously said is you can literally do it anywhere! 😉


Check it out and don’t forget to leave some comments below..


Darragh Hayes  / Cover Model Body Personal Training

The ABS Gym Personal Training Studio in Dublin.


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