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Cover Model Body Personal Training in Dublin City Centre.

Luke got SHREDDED in seven weeks!

In order to lose weight, gain muscle or get the “RIPPED” physique of a cover model you need to first change your method of thinking. Who doesn’t want to improve on their physique? I know I always strive to improve my knowledge as well as my body. If you want to get into the best shape you have ever been in you first have to change a few things!

1. Firstly you have to change the way you think!

2. Secondly and most importantly the way you eat, your nutrition! You can’t out train a bad diet!

3. Thirdly and last but most certainly not least, your training!

Changing these three areas are what will get you the very achievable results you so crave! This where I come in. With my knowledge and expertise you WILL achieve your desired results. Start training athletically just like a Cover Model .

No need to worry because I will show you step by step how to do it and achieve that very attainable Cover Model Body you once thought was an unimaginable goal. The number one thing we disregard is the way we think or our attitude.

Of course everyone wants the easy way out but in reality it’s just damn hard work, there is no easy way out, but if you want to make losing bodyfat easier which is what everyone wants, then you need to be serious and determined about it and setting your goals in place.

Remember that if the way you train and eat doesn’t improve, your physique won’t either.

Start your journey to achieving the  COVER MODEL BODY  you’ve always dreamed of.

Sean came to me looking to try achieve a physique he thought was impossible for him after years of trying.

He halved his Bodyfat in 6 weeks and gained 7lbs of muscle in the process with my Cover Model Body Program.


You too can achieve the same!

Sean Donnelly Cover Model Body Transformation


Damien McEvoy 3month transformation

Damien lost 12% bodyfat in 12 weeks and gained over 7LBS of muscle


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